Freaks and Meta-Geeks

Church, Two Months Before...
A Pre-adventure with Church
Deepweed, semi-legal but still highly profitable and highly desirable among mages. A clinic recently opened in the Underpass neck of the woods and Church first job for Underpass is to help rob it. As an infected, getting a medicinal THC license was as easy as buying stamps. Now for the hard part, he’s slipped into the clinics bathroom when he knew no one was looking and camped out in the stall until after closing time. Church hears the staff lock up and greet the night security guard who apparently has a dog with him. His task is to disable the guard and not raise any alarms while he makes his way to the back doors and unlock them for the members of the gang waiting outside. Noticing a suspended ceiling, Church is reminded of times he had needed to bait his prey into coming near his safe spots before he could devour them. The first obstacle is the dog. Even if Church hid himself impeccably, the dog may still smell him and give cause for the guard to be cautious. Looking around the bathroom, Church looks for things with obvious odors. Did anyone forget to flush? Are there any particularly strong smells coming from the trashcan? Finding nothing, Church sighs and realizes what must be done. He wads up some toilet paper on the floor, drops his pants, squats and pinches off as much stool as he can force out at a moment’s notice.

(Body roll: Dice pool 6, threshold 2. Rolls:3,6,5,4,3,2. Success!)
Then, he stealthily makes his way to the door.
(Agility + Infiltration: Dice pool 10, threshold 3. Rolls: 4,2,5,1,4,4,1,2,4,1. Failure)
Dizzied from his recent forced bowel movement, Church slips on a bit of misfired feces and comes down on his butt with a hollow thud that echoes through the bathroom.
A dog starts barking.
Church jumps to his feet and hastily removes one of the ceiling panels over a toilet stall and scrambles up in to the space above.
(Strength + Climbing – Rushed: Dice pool 10, Threshold 3. Rolls: 3,6,5,6,1,3,4,5,4,2. Success!)
He easily pulls himself up and gets the tile back in place before the dogs pushes himself through the swinging bathroom door. The mutt discontinues his barking and begins sniffing around the pile of crap and tissue still located on the bathroom floor.
“Daisy?”, questions the security guard as he moves slowing into the bathroom, tasergun drawn. He looks down at the dog and what she is sniffing around, “Jesus, what the fuck? Fucking Kelpheads, I’m not cleaning this shit up. Not my jo…”
(Agility + Infiltration + Traceless: Dice pool: 14. Threshold 4. Rolls:3,6,5,4,5,4,3,2,6,1,4,5,1,2, Success!)
(Agility + Unarmed -breakthrough -upside-down: Dice pool 8. Threshold Guard defense roll: 1. Rolls: 6,5,3,3,4,4,3,4. Success!)
Church initiates a surprise attack by lunging his torso down through the plasterboard panel immediately between them, grabbing the guard around his head and neck, and twisting and clawing with all of the fury and immediacy of a hunter who knows that delaying for even an moment could result in becoming prey for something else.
With the guard dead, Church holds his corpse upright by its neck, using it as a shield from any attempts the dog might make at leaping toward his hanging form, and uses his free hand to grab the taser the guard carried with him. Church drops the corpse and attacks the dog point-blank.
(Agility + Pistols – Upside-down: Dice pool: 10. Threshold Guard Dog defense roll: 4. Rolls: 2,6,5,5,5,1,3,6,4,6. Success 2 net hits)
Four electrode wires fly directly into the dogs shoulder and after a shocked whimper, she is knock out cold.
Using infiltration skill and perception, Church scans the hallway for cameras. Finding none, it is a simple matter of walking to the rear door, letting the party in, and taking a few drags off one of his favorite cigarettes in between licking his fingers.

(Loot: 1 Defiance EX Shocker)


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